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make up - use make-up or cosmetics to 1's deal with to look prettier; "She makes herself up every morning"

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! A far more subdued search may well only need some lipgloss or maybe a shade that’s closer to your skin tone. For fuller on the lookout lips, make use of the best lip liner and some plumping gloss.

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to contain the obvious capability for getting. Your son has the makings of the engineer. vermoëns صِفات، خِصال، مُكَوِّنات предпоставки ter as qualidades de schopnosti das Zeug haben zu have evner; anlæg έχω τα φόντα να γίνω tener madera de (millekski) eeldusi olema توانایی کاره ای شدن -ainesta avoir l'étoffe de יֶש לוֹ אֶת הַנתוּנים לִהיוֹת इंजीनियर इत्यादि बनने की स्पष्ट क्षमता होना potrebita svojstva megvannak az adottságai berbakat vera efni/efniviður í avere la stoffa di ~の素質がある .

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variety, constitute, make - to compose or depict:"This wall sorts the background in the phase location"; "The branches produced a roof"; "This makes a fantastic introduction"

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to grasp (one thing) by or from (something). What does one make of all this? om iets van iets te verstaan يَفْهَم من разбирам entender soudit o halten von fileå ud af βγάζω συμπέρασμα, καταλαβαίνωcomprender, entender välja lugema فهمیدن olla jotain click here mieltä jstk comprendre לְהָבִין किसी चीज को किसी और चीज से समझना činiti od értelmez memahami skilja dedurre ~と考える .

straddle, variety - assortment or increase over; occupy a certain location; "The vegetation straddle your complete point out"

1. cosmetics placed on the facial area and many others. She under no circumstances wears any make-up. grimering ماكياج: تَجْميل الوَجْه грим maquiagem líčidla das Make-up makeup; sminke μακιγιάζmaquillaje meik ارایش meikki maquillageאיפור श्रृंगार šminka smink kosmetik andlitsfarði trucco 化粧 화장 veido kosmetika, grimas grims; dekoratīvā kosmētika alat solek make-upsminkemakijaż سينګار،آرايش декоративная косметика kozmetické prostriedky, kozmetická úprava ličilo, šminka šminka makeup, smink เครื่องสำอาง makyaj 化妝品 грим; косметика چہرے کی آرائش، سنگھار trang điểm 化妆品

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3. to complete. We'd like yet one more player – will you make up the amount(s)? opmaak يُتَمِّم، يُكْمِل допълвам completar doplnit voll machen udfylde συμπληρώνω, καλύπτωcompletar täiendama کامل کردن täydentää compléter לְהַשלִים पूरा करना popuniti kiegészít melengkapi fylla upp í completare 数を満たす 완전하게 하다 papildyti papildināt melengkapi volledig makenkomplettere, gjøre fulltallig dopełnić, uzupełnić بشپړلول completar a completa заполнять doplniť dopolniti popuniti fylla ut, komplettera เติมให้เต็ม (จำนวน) tamamlamak 補足 доповнювати مکمل کرنا bổ khuyết 补足

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